Grocery delivery outside Bangkok

Prepaid packages
How do I place an order?+

Simply schedule a delivery time and location for your meal(s) and then proceed to select from our menu. Once items have been put into the cart, you can check out and make a payment. Place your order before the 8pm cutoff time today for delivery tomorrow. You can order meals for a single day or for several days at the same time. Once you’ve added the first day’s meals to your cart, just select a different day in the scheduling box above the menu and you can add more meals on different delivery days. We do not cook or deliver meals on Sundays, so any meal orders placed on Saturday will have Monday as the earliest possible delivery time.

Can I cancel my order and receive a refund?+

You can cancel any meal order that is before the 8pm daily cutoff time. For example, if your meal is scheduled for delivery on Wednesday, you can cancel it until 8pm on Tuesday evening. You will be refunded in full with credit to your Paleo Wallet with us. This credit is automatically applied to any future purchase with us. If it is after the 8pm cutoff time, you may notify us to cancel the meal delivery but unfortunately we cannot refund you.

Can I change my order?+

For orders more than 24 hours from the scheduled delivery time, if you would like to make an edit to your order, we suggest to cancel your order and place a new one – unless your desired change is very minor (e.g. a change in salad dressing or delivery address). In this case please call us at 083-002-3607 or email [email protected] and we will try our best to accommodate your request. For orders less than 24 hours from the scheduled delivery time, we cannot guarantee any changes can be accommodated, but we will do our best. Please call us at 083-002-3607 or email [email protected]

Can I view my previous orders?+

Of course. You can access your order history in your Account page, accessible with the “Your Account” button on the top right of the page.

Can I save multiple addresses?+

Yes you can. You can enter them when prompted on the Meal or Grocery pages or in the “Delivery Addresses” section of the Your Account page.

Is there a minimum order?+

Yes, we have a minimum order of 249 baht on the Fresh Meals menu. If your order also has anything from our Grocery, the minimum delivery is 750 baht (including the value of all Fresh Meals in your cart). This is because grocery items require additional packaging and a different method of transport from us to you.

Can you help me make an order, or is there a number I can call with questions?+

Absolutely. Give our customer service queen K. Boat a call anytime at 083-002-3607 who can help you make an order or answer any questions about our menu or delivery.

How do I pay?+

We currently accept bank transfers (by QR code), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, and Paypal. Our app does not yet support Paypal. We do not accept cash or cash-on-delivery.

How much do you charge for delivery?+

We charge 60 baht for delivery in central Bangkok. The delivery charge may vary if you live outside the central city area (please see our map here). If you’d like to know how much we’ll charge, simply go to the checkout page and once your address is entered, the system will display your delivery fee (which is calculated by distance from our central Bangkok location).

How do I confirm a bank transfer payment once I’ve transferred the amount?+

Please try to use the bank transfer by QR feature - this is the smoothest experience. If you are making a manual transfer (available on our website only), please take a photo of your transfer slip and then go to Your Account Order History and click on the order for which you are paying. There is a field at the bottom of this page where you can enter the information and upload the photo. Once this step has been completed, your order is confirmed. Please do NOT send an email/SMS of the photo as we need to reconcile these manually which means your order will not be confirmed until we have the chance to do so.

What is the benefit of buying a pre-paid package?+

If you are a regular customer of ours and would like to purchase a pre-paid package, we offer a discount depending on the size of the package you buy. It also speeds up checkout (no waiting for credit card processing) which makes regular checkouts super quick and easy.

Do I have to tip the driver?+

We pay our delivery staff quite well relative to other services, so you should not feel obligated to tip our drivers. However, of course, if they go out of their way to help you and you would like to offer them a tip, they would of course appreciate it. Any tip given to them is kept by them directly and not shared with the company or other staff.

Meal Preparation
How are your meals prepared?+

Our meals are made completely from scratch every day with fresh ingredients, which we source according to our supplier standards. You can learn more about what you will find and won’t find in our meals on our "About Us" page. We send our meals chilled and in BPA-free tupperwares which is great for the food and also re-usable! We'll pick them up for free - just look for "Container pickups" in the Account section.

How long do the meals stay fresh?+

If you refrigerate the meals immediately after your delivery, your meals will stay fresh for 1-3 days, depending on the meal. However, we do recommend that fish and salad dishes be eaten within a day of delivery. We do not use any preservatives and all meals are made from completely unprocessed foods, so some may spoil faster than others and we advise using your judgment.

How do I heat up my meals?+

There are a few options to reheat your meals: Oven (recommended): Pre-heat your oven to 140-160c and place your food inside for 5-15 minutes. Meals that contain larger meat servings may require a few extra minutes in the oven. After 5 minutes it’s best to try and then decide whether in needs longer in the oven or not. Pan fry: If you’re comfortable around the stove then a frying pan can be a good way to reheat your meal. It may take a bit longer to reheat, but you’ll retain more of the fresh taste and texture of the food. Never use high heat for reheating the meal in a pan. Simply place your meal inside the pan on low to medium heat and cover with a lid for approximately 4-5 minutes. Then check every 3-4 minutes to see if the meal is hot enough for you. Meals that contain larger meat servings may require a few extra minutes in the pan. Microwave: Place your meal in the microwave at medium or even low setting for 2-3 minutes. Meals that contain larger meat servings may require an extra minute or two in the microwave. It’s best to open the microwave after 2 minutes to check how well your food is already heated so you don’t accidentally overheat your food. If you have meat items that are medium-rare in your meal, and you would like them to stay that way, it might be best to heat on lower heat for longer (checking intermittently) or to separate the meats from the rest of the food as vegetables sometimes require a bit more time to warm up properly.

I have dietary allergies or restrictions. Can you still cook for me?+

We list the ingredients for every single one of our meals and products on a dedicated page – simply click the meal or product, and you’ll be taken to a product details page where all ingredients are clearly listed. We also offer a wide variety of meals every day as well as a “build your own” meal option where you can construct your own plate or salad with ingredients that suit your dietary preferences. Therefore, we cannot accommodate removal of any ingredients from our prepared dishes; we ask our customers to review the ingredients lists prior to ordering.

How many calories are in each meal? How big are the meals?+

The average for fish and salad dishes is around 700-900 calories (jumbo) and around 350-450 calories (regular). You can view all calorie information for any meal that we offer by simply clicking on it and checking out the details on the Product Detail page. On the “Build your Own” meals, the calories and nutrition breakdown are offered as you are constructing your meal in real time. Our jumbo meals tend to be larger than most eaters can consume in a single sitting, and many of our customers buy a jumbo size to share with their partner or family. Some are over 1kg of food!

How do I return the containers?+

You can give your empty containers to our delivery team on your next delivery, or, we send our delivery team out on Fridays and Saturdays to collect them from customers. If you would like to schedule our team to come and pick up yours on an upcoming Friday, please click here or look for the Container Pickup section on th Account page.

Can I get a reward for telling others about Paleo Robbie?+

Glad you asked! You can invite friends to try out our service by entering their email address in the order confirmation page. You’ll receive 500 baht voucher code for every friend you refer that places an order above 2,000 baht. Your friend will of course also receive a 500 Baht voucher code for use on their on their first order. To read more about our refer-a-friend program, please click here.

Where do you deliver to?+

For meals, we deliver everywhere in Bangkok as well as some extended areas like Nichada Thani and Mega Bangna. Please see our delivery map here.