Nothing processed. Nothing artificial.
Your great grandmother would recognize this as food.

Paleo Robbie explained in 3 steps

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Make Real Food Available

Our meats are 100% pasture-raised, our fish is exclusively wild-caught, and our veggies are sourced from small local farmers. Nothing refined or processed goes into our meals.

Paleo Robbie
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Restore trust in food

We lab test our ingredients and publicly post them online. Never worry about what goes into your meals again.

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Meals made from scratch delivered to your doorstep

24 new meals each week. Jumbo sizes for sharing. Made on the day of delivery. Zero food wastage. Returnable containers and free recycling pick-up service

Paleo Robbie GroceryPaleo Robbie Grocery
Shop at the Primal Grocery
  •    420+ hand-picked grocery items. Nothing processed or refined.

  •    Exclusively pasture-raised meats & wild fish

  •    Free recycling pick-up service.

  •    Delivery anywhere in Thailand.

Plus, weekly emails on special promotions and new excited home-made products.

Learn how Paleo Robbie is changing the way we think about food

Client Testimonials

- our clients stand by us -

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Vicky Cheng

 We pretty much love everything that Paleo’s Primal Grocery has to offer, the meat and fish taste simply amazing, so fresh and tasty.We love the fact that Paleo offers organic, free range, no hormone, no GMO products simply enhances the whole eating experience.We are based in Koh Samui, and the delivery is very reliable and food freshness remains consistent 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Karina S

 It’s a everyday gift for the health of my family that we can order Paleo Robbie food to make sure that we eat organic and clean food everyday while living in Thailand. 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Michael Copping

 We are super busy at our house and because of Paleo Robbie, we don’t have to compromise on nutrition because we can have fresh healthy meals delivered and ready to go when we finally get home after a long day of work, activities, and the gym of course!The meal plan and grocery are convenient and save so much valuable time. 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Karina Vansoh

 I buy all my meat from Paleo Robbie because it’s of high importance that animals I eat have themselves eaten a high quality diet, and been raised in ethical conditions.Without Paleo Robbie I would choose to be vegan as I have found no-where in Bangkok that sells meat I would eat.I have lived in Bangkok for a long time and was always frustrated by the lack of access to transparent meat sources. So glad we now have Paleo Robbie. 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Charles Hornstra

 Paleo Robbie has allowed me to consistently eat healthy meals even when I am busy or traveling for work. I switch between the prepped meal delivery and the grocery store options for when I have time to cook.By sticking to Paleo’s keto meal plan options and grocery items, I have lost 32 lbs in about 7 months. I feel great thanks to the healthy and easy options from Paleo Robbie! 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Camilla Davidsson

 Paleo Robbie's grocery store; Inspires me to cook better, is great for my time-management and most of all I can rely on the quality of their products.