Nothing processed. Nothing artificial.
Your great grandmother would recognize this as food.

Paleo Robbie explained in 3 steps

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Make Real Food Available

Our meats are 100% pasture-raised, our fish is exclusively wild-caught, and our veggies are sourced from small local farmers. Nothing refined or processed goes into our meals.

Paleo Robbie
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Restore trust in food

We lab test our ingredients and publicly post them online. Never worry about what goes into your meals again.

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Meals made from scratch delivered to your doorstep

24 new meals each week. Jumbo sizes for sharing. Made on the day of delivery. Zero food wastage. Returnable containers and free recycling pick-up service

Paleo Robbie GroceryPaleo Robbie Grocery
Shop at the Primal Grocery
  •    420+ hand-picked grocery items. Nothing processed or refined.

  •    Exclusively pasture-raised meats & wild fish

  •    Free recycling pick-up service.

  •    Delivery anywhere in Thailand.

Plus, weekly emails on special promotions and new excited home-made products.

Paleo Robbie is a Better Food System

Client Testimonials

- our clients stand by us -

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Brandon Miller

 Healthy, tasty food delivered right to your office or home. Consistently good high-protein meals and great service. A nice break from wonderful Thai food when you're looking for something healthy, without the rice. Highly recommended! 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Jett Gunther

 Totally love Paleo Robbie. It's the best bang for your buck for a healthy food delivery solution. Compared to the measly portions others give you, a large 399 Robbie box gets a long way. The ingredients are high quality and delicious. 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Zachary Strebeck

 I love Paleo Robbie! Great tasting food, easy payment and delivery, big selection, and the grocery is a super helpful way to keep eating Paleo in Thailand. 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Jaszmine Wang

 Best Online Groceries EVER!! Fast, Efficient, Reasonable Price for High Quality Groceries and Healthy Meal Plan ! 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Chris Van Rossum

 I order at this place already over a year. High quality products and great customer service. Great food for a healthy balance. 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Nuttamon Tachapattarawat

 Tasty foods, and all the fresh ingredients. I tried my colleague lunch box once and continue to order for my own . 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Roppon Picha

 Hearty and healthy meals. large selections. good for those with no time to cook. 

Paleo Robbie Testimonial

Giovanni Greenard

 Good set up, always adding new products as well. My go to place for all my clean meats.