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Nothing artificial, nothing processed.

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What does Real FooD mean to us?

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Real food is food the way nature intended it, before the rise of huge industrial food companies and marketing departments started selling us on what’s “healthy.”

Real food is food where you can trust every ingredient. Nothing artificial, nothing processed. If you don’t recognize it, chances are your body won’t either!

Food should energize and heal, not make you sick or slow you down.

That goes for how our plants and animals are fed, too.

That means we only carry & cook with:

grass-fed / pasture-raised meats
No growth hormones or antibiotics here.
wild-caught seafooD
No questionable factory-farmed, dyed fish.
Pesticide-free produce
Certified organic as much as we can!
Supporting Thai organic farmers.
Pasture-raised cows at Silver Fern Farms, New Zealand
Paleo just means we prioritize time-tested,
foods with high natural nutrient density -
and avoid harmful stuff that’s been sold to us as healthy.
Your grandmother would recognize this:
no gluten or refined
no highly-processed
“vegetable” / seed oils
no chemical sweeteners or
refined sugars
no weird stuff, period.
Why? For us, they’re not worth the downside: digestion issues (or worse, leaky gut syndrome), blood sugar and energy level swings, inflammation, and brain fog.

Instead, we get our carbs (when we want them!) from starchy vegetables and pesticide-free fruits that don’t spike your blood sugar and give you a “carb crash” not long after.
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Last but not least - absolutely delicious!

When you start with the highest-quality real food, great tasting everyday meals come easily.

We’d love to share more about what makes us different.

Click over to our food philosophy or our supplier standards if you’d like to know more about how we approach food.

Or - check out our latest lab tests where we make sure our food is the real thing. We obsess over quality so you don’t have to.

Real food. Real people!

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