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[Meal Plan] Menu 29-3 May/June


We have just updated this week’s meal plan, you can view our online menu by button below:

  • If you’re a new Paleo Robbie customer, use the voucher code Paleo450 and 450b off your first order when ordering 6 or more meals.


If you’ve never tried the Paleo Robbie Meal Plan before here’s a quick overview:


If you don't have the time to cook, are looking for an alternative to fast food or subscribe to the healthy lifestyle philosophy, then the Paleo Meal Plan is for you. Stop worrying about whether the food you're eating is healthy by giving our nutritionally balanced meals a try.


We deliver meals to your home, office or gym 6 times per week, meals are made fresh from scratch on the day of delivery and delivered around a time that suits you. Each meal you receive comes with an ingredient breakdown and nutrition facts so you know exactly what goes into your mouth:

Whether you want extra energy throughout the day, more greens and high quality produce in your diet, or just don't have the time to prepare your own meals, Paleo Robbie is here to help and make you feel better and healthier. 


If you have yet to try the Paleo Robbie Meal Plan service, all new customer can receive 450b off their first order when ordering 6 or more meals using the voucher code Paleo450.


You can view our Meal Plan by clicking the button below:


  • If you’re a new Paleo Robbie customer, use the voucher code Paleo450 and 450b off your first order when ordering 6 or more meals.


Here's what others are saying about us on Facebook:

25% off our best nuts

It's time to go nuts at the Paleo Grocery this week.

For the rest of the week you can grab our Nuts at 25% off at the Grocery No voucher needed!


Almonds, walnuts, macadamia, pecan, hazelnuts and cashews at 25% off!

Our nuts are 100% pesticide and GMO-FREE nuts. We do not roast, add hydrogenated oil or salt to any nuts.

They are perfect for snacking between meals, traveling or to add to your meals for some extra healthy calories. 

You can find all our nuts nut at 25% off under the Nuts section of the Paleo Grocery:​​​​​​​

Ends 27th May

30% off Chicken Breast and Thighs

This week you can get 30% off Free-range chicken breast and 30% off free-range chicken Thighs at the Grocery (no voucher needed)

100% free-range for our local co-op farm in Thailand. Steroid and hormone free.

We regularly visit our co-op farm to ensure our chicks live in the best conditions possible and have plenty of bugs, terminates and worms to eat all day. 

Our free-range chicken is exclusive to Paleo Robbie, and when we say they are free-range, we plucking mean it!

Grab 30% off your Free-range chicken breast and thighs at the grocery:

Ends 20th May

Max 5 per customer

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