28 Days Organic Coconut Water

Bottle 235ml, Frozen

From Thailand

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Never More Than 28 Days, 100% raw organic coconut water (Nam-Hom) is a coconut water with no artificial substance added. Never More Than 28 Days, 100% raw organic coconut water (Nam-Hom) is made from young aromatic coconuts from our organic farms which have been certified by USDA organic from the USA. Every coconuts we use has a document which certifies that they have been planted strictly in organic method. Furthermore, the period of their harvest has been stricitly scheduled in order to have the best and the most natural flavored coconut water. The process we use for Never More Than 28 Days 100% raw organic coconut water (Nam-Hom) is called Cold Processing. It is certified by both Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and USDA organic from USA. Moreover, there are intensive checked in every step of the process in order to produce high quality raw coconut water which we always delicate to achieve. ▪ Coconuts which are cultivated before 20 days will have less meat and the water will be sour. ▪ Coconuts which are cultivated after 28 days will have plenty of meat but the water will be tasteless. Enjoy this low calorie, electrolyte, raw and organic drink after sports or just as refreshment when you need it.

JS   a year ago

Wow, this stuff is sooo sweet.

JS   a year ago

Sweet as sugar!

JS   a year ago

Almost too sweet!

JS   a year ago

super yummy. Almost too sweet!

SS   2 years ago

naturally sweet and fresh