Beech Wood Smoked Lamb Tenderloins

250-350gr Pack

New Zealand, Home Made

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Beech Wood Smoked Lamb Tenderloins are cut from a whole shortloin of a pasture-raised lamb from New Zealand. This cut of lamb is brined for 5 days in lovely aromatic concoction of earthy flavours of garlic, black pepper, mustard seeds, coriander, all-spice, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and let's not forget. The bay leaf! We always place our lamb striploin in the smoker with the fat on the top so that it slowly melts as it cures, naturally marinating the meat and keeping it moist. Slightly smoky, but most important of all, we use Beech wood during the smoking process. Why Beech wood? Beech wood gives the lamb a delicate, nutty smoke which is very mild and compliments the brisket nicely when compared to the flavours from hickory, mesquite and other pungent woods. The smoked lamb tenderloins are nutty, earthy, game-y but not pungent with beautiful hint of fat that just melts in your mouth.

Total Fat22 g
Total Protein18 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
     Total Fiber0 g