Berry + Veg Mix

From New Zealand
500gr Pack, Frozen
฿299 per Pack

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Berry + Veg mix ready to blend. Grown in New Zealand, Chile and Canada. Comes in a carton with 3 servings each. Each of the four ingredients has been selected so both flavour and nutritional functionality are enhanced: the boysenberries add a deep rich tingling acidity and colour vibrancy plus folic acid; the raspberries both sharp sweetness and an aromatic boost that sings freshness; the blueberries a rounded sweetness that synergises with the other berries. And offsetting the sweetness and acid-freshness of the berries is the savoury, almost umami-like note, of the spinach along with its own goodness. A Wonderful anti-oxidant kickstart to your day! 50% Boysenberries
20% Spinach
20% Raspberries
10% Blueberries Canada
Origin of fruits and veggies: New Zealand, Chile and Canada