Borosilicate Glass Container (six-pack, 750ml)

6 x 750ml Glass Container

From Thailand

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This is Robbie's favourite glass container to re-heat his Regular size paleo meals. The glass containers complement our durable bpa-free plastic containers on our Paleo Meal Plan (reminder: which need to be returned! ) to re-heat your meals perfectly. Pro Tip: Please, please please... re-heat your meals in a glass/ceramic container in an oven (not a microwave-oven), and they will be crispier, juicier and 3x tastier! Robbie on use of plastic: Our durable and re-usable plastic containers are 100% micro-wave safe and bpa-free, but at Paleo Robbie we only use plastics for storing non-acidic food at chilled temperatures. When re-heating you should use glass, ceramic or stainless containers or plates only. Material Body : Borosilicate glass Lid : PP Rubber Band : Silicone Features - Oven safe (400 Celsius) Use and Care - Open lid/steam hole prior to microwave use - Do not preheat without food inside - Do not place frozen container directly in oven - Do not use scrubbers & abrasive cleaners - Keep away from excessive heat and fire