Boundary Bend Estate - Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4L

4L Canister

From Australia

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Why did Robbie select this Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Paleo Robbie exclusively uses this EVOO for the Meal Plan at our own kitchen for a simple reason. It's the best quality real EVOO we could find for the money. Boundary Bend is vertically integrated and grows, harvest and creates their EVOO all in-house. They can guarantee their EVOO is 100% single-estate and proudly show off with lab tests the purity, the high level of Oleic acid, and a high smoking point above 200 Celsius making it a stable and safe oil to cook with. You might have heard before that Paleo Robbie does not stock any major Italian olive oil brand. Italian olive oils found on the shelves in all supermarkets are suspect of being diluted (or completely fake) and Robbie thus traces all of our EVOO's back to the olive grove to ensure all our EVOO's are single-estate and undiluted. Some nerdy oleologist facts about this EVOO: - Free Fatty Acid % = 0.26 (by law <0.80, but the good stuff <0.30) - Oleic Acid = 71.5 (by law 55 - 85, but the good stuff >65 for the health benefits (the 3 coughs, as illuminated in this very entertaining podcast with Max Lugavere and Nicolas Coleman)

TM   11 days ago

green fruity and it has the unique bite inn the back of the throat that all great olive oils have

TM   9 months ago

This is an wonderful olive oil, fruity and absolutely delicious!

TM   a year ago

I have been using the incredibly good Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil that I buy at CostCo in Taiwan and Japan for years, but I actually like this olive oil even more. It's a wonderful product!!