Ceylon Cinnamon

50gr Bag

From Sri Lanka

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Famed for its numerous health benefits – which include blood sugar control, digestive system improvement and helping alleviate stomach ailments - Ceylon Cinnamon is the healthiest amongst the cinnamon spices in the market because of its low coumarin* contents. Unlike the majority of cinnamon powders commonly sold at supermarkets — which are made from cheap cassia cinnamon ("fake" cinnamon) which is potentially harmful to your liver and kidneys if taken daily in high amounts — our Ceylon cinnamon powder is the real deal! Compared to the "fake" cinnamon, it is milder and sweeter in taste. It complements and enhances other flavors when added in curries or fine confectionary. * 1 teaspoon of cassia cinnamon contains between 5.8 to 12.1mg of coumarin, which may be above the Tolerable Daily Intake for many individuals. Therefore, if you like using a lot of cinnamon, you should consider choosing the kind with least amount of coumarin.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat1 g
Total Protein4 g
Total Carbohydrates81 g
     Total Fiber53 g