Chorizo and Rioja-Style Potatoes Ready Meal

Comes in a BPA Free Container 640-780gr, Frozen

Home Made

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As the name suggests, this dish originated in La Rioja, a region in Spain. Pieces of potatoes, Spanish chorizo are simmered in a pimentón-spiced stew until tender. The Spanish chorizo with the pimentón dyes the stew red and add that additional depth of flavour and smoky quality. It is perfect anytime you want a hearty, warming meal. Ingredient: Spanish Chorizo by Joe Sloane, Dutch Bintje Potatoes, Veal bone broth, Extra Virgin Boundary Estate Olive Oil.

Per Jumbo
Total Fat80 g
Total Protein66 g
Total Carbohydrates112 g
     Total Fiber17 g

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