Dark Chocolate Bits With Wild Harvested Pili Nuts

140gr Bag

From Vietnam/Philippines

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If you are searching for the yummiest low-carb snacks without any guilt, try this chocolate, which was made from scratch in our Healtholicious kitchen in Bangkok! Our chocolate is NOT made from melting mass-produced chocolate. Rather, we make it from scratch by using quality certified organic cocoa beans from Sri Lanka. The beans are hand-sorted, roasted (to bring out the best flavors and aromas), ground & refined (to create the smooth texture and mouthfeel). We only use cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sweeteners and non-GMO cold-pressed sunflower lecithin (you can read about it here - it is a great nutritional supplement for your brain!) from Europe. There is no other hidden additives, and it is also vegan - it contains no dairy! *The batch right now uses organically grown cocoa beans from Ba Ria, Vietnam. We roasted to enhance umami inside the beans! [About our sweeteners] To sweeten the chocolate, we use a combination of healthy, low-carb sweeteners, which make it as low glycemic as possible. It contains: non-GMO erythritol, xylitol, inulin and organic monkfruit extract. We make sure that it has no aftertaste. Our goal is to create the best tasting, low-carb chocolate in the market! So please understand that the recipe of the sweeteners will change from time to time. We will keep you informed! [About pili nuts] Pili nuts are one of the healthiest, low-carb nuts with a lot of healthy fats and minerals. They are wildly harvested on the rich volcanic soil of the Philippines without pesticides. [Nutritional information] Notes on NET CARBS: since alcohol sugar we use for the chocolate is not fully digested in our digestive tracts, you substract that from Total Carb as well. Net carb = Total carb - alcohol sugar - dietary fiber This may change as the fat contents of cocoa beans depends on the origins of the beans.