Dessicated Coconut

Bag 225gr

From USA

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Desiccated coconut, made by shredding dried coconut meat, helps infuse tropical flavor into your meals. It also offers nutritional value that supports tissue health. Pesticide-free. The flakes are rich in copper and manganese, which you need to keep your connective tissues - your skin, tendons, ligaments, bones and teeth - strong. On top of that, the copper in desiccated coconut also maintains the health of your brain. Desiccated coconut also offers other health benefits thanks to its iron and fiber content. Your body uses fiber to control your blood cholesterol levels, and a diet rich in fiber fights type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The iron found in coconut helps you make ATP -- a source of energy -- as well as red blood cells that you need for oxygen transport.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat65 g
Total Protein7 g
Total Carbohydrates24 g
     Total Fiber16 g