Extra Dry Ice

1Kg Pack


  • ฿50 per 1kg Pack
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Add extra dry ice to your grocery order to keep it frozen for much longer. Perfect for if you are ordering a lot of frozen berries, or might not be home on the day of delivery. We wrap each 1 kilogram block of dry ice in kraft paper as the temperature is minus 78 Celsius and should never be touched directly. We recommend to add: - 1-2 kg for a < 3,000 baht order - 3-4 kg for a 3,000 - 10,000 baht order - 5-6 kg for a > 10,000 baht order *all our upcountry frozen good orders are already standard packed with dry ice. For Bangkok delivery we also add a small amount of complimentary dry ice when the order includes frozen berries.