French-Cut Veal Chop

1 Chop, 300-320gr, Vacuum Packed, Frozen

From Australia

  • ฿~699
    ฿399 per Chop

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Pasture-raised veal is our most tender cut of beef. Exclusive to Paleo Robbie and a one-time special (limited stock). This is the best value French-Cut Veal Chop which you can easily cook like a steak. Cut from a full rack, each chop is frenched and looks like a 'mini-tomahawk' steak. The tenderness of grass-fed and grass-finished beef often varies due to the seasons and because the animals are healthier and roam freely the muscles have a firmer texture. However our pasture-raised veal is incredibly tender all year-round. Pasture-raised veal is milk and grass-fed veal and is not reared in a confined space, but lives outdoors not separated from their mother and always have access to their mothers' milk.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat4 g
Total Protein20 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
     Total Fiber0 g