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Ground Lamb Leg

From New Zealand
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500gr Vacuum Pack, Frozen
฿349 per 500g Pack (ex VAT)

Inhouse made ground lamb from 100% New Zealand Pasture-fed Lamb Leg. No added fats and no gristle. The Lamb Leg comes from Ovation farms in New Zealand and has been dry-aged for just 4 days to increase the flavour. This version of ground lamb is lean. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used. The lamb roam on pasture at all times, even winter. === Did you know that cows consume 90% grass and 10% brush and forbs, whereas a sheep's diet is about 70% grass and 30% forbs? The number of forbs in a wild pasture can play a role in the taste of the meat. Lamb meat contains a type of fatty acid that beef doesn't have. It's called branched-chain fatty acid. This is something that humans can detect at tiny levels. It's what gives lamb this gamy, more earthy taste than beef. Our sheep are never fed soy, corn or anything else which you cannot find in wild pastures. Studies have shown that eating food unnatural to their diet can lead sheep and cows to become ill, known in the industry as grain poisoning, grain overload or lactic acidosis. This occurs when sheep who are not accustomed to eating grain is moved to a grain-based diet ( source). If you regularly order our pasture-raised beef, we are confident that you'll love our pasture-raised lamb. Lamb contains a similar nutrient profile to beef making lamb high in vitamin B12 and iron, with a number of our lamb items being on the bone giving a softer and juicer flavor.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat13 g
Total Protein19 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Total Fiber0 g
   3 years ago
great flavour and cooks well - comes as one solid block though