Home Made Smoked Brisket Rillette

350gr Glass Jar

From New Zealand, Home made

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Rillettes is a way to prepare meat similar to pâté but consist only of meat and fats without any offal. Our Smoked Brisket Rillet is made from brisket, a cut of meat that is from the breast or lower chest of a pasture-raised Black Angus cow from New Zealand. Our New Zealand brisket is brined for 5 days in a lovely aromatic concoction of earthy flavours of garlic, black pepper, mustard seeds, coriander, all-spice, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and let's not forget. The bay leaf! We always place our brisket in the smoker with the fat on the top so that it slowly melts as it cures, naturally marinating the meat and keeping it moist. Slightly smoky, but most important of all, we use Beechwood during the smoking process. Why Beechwood? Beechwood gives the brisket a delicate, nutty smoke which is very mild and compliments the brisket nicely when compared to the flavours from hickory, mesquite and other pungent woods. Once we've smoked, we will shred the brisket with its own fat until you get a smooth almost pâté-like consistency. Due to the natural flavours of brisket and the beech wood, we didn't need to use lots of herbs or seasoning during this stage, the rillettes is rich and absolutely flavourful with notes of smokiness, cream and buttery-ness. A great addition to your cold platter, hors d'oeuvre, cheese platter, in sandwiches or enjoyed on your weekend breakfasts.