Honey Brined Ham Hock

900gr-1000gr Vac/Pac Frozen
฿399 / KG
~฿399 per Piece (ex VAT)
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A brined and honey-cured ham hock. Made from free-range pork, free of antibiotics and growth hormones. As a child, my brother and I used to have ham hocks all the time during the winter holidays. Mom would cook them up in the slow cooker with sauerkraut. Ham hocks and sauerkraut is such a good combination! So, what is the difference between ham hocks and pork knuckles? Nothing actually, they are the same thing. Ham hocks are just cured. This ham hock has been brined and honey-cured and is a great addition to any party. Goes great with pickled cucumber, sauerkraut and dijon mustard, or you can give it a German twist and deep fry it in oil to get crispy outer skin. For an Asian twist, serving it sliced with kimchi, or cooked in a chicken broth with kimchi is sure to tickle your taste buds!