Individually Frozen Daregal Tarragon

250g Bag, Frozen

From France

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Selected, grown and harvested at optimum maturity, Darégal aromatic herbs are the result of a perfect mastery of agricultural processes. Factories are located less than one hour away from the harvesting location. They ensure an immediate freezing, after washing and chiseling. All the organoleptic qualities of fresh aromatic herbs are preserved, in order to restore LE+Taste: a visual, a taste and exceptional flavor. It's easy to use and doesn't spoil. Tractability - Distribution of crop areas based on the characteristics of soils and climates. - Full traceability and identification of each lot number Safety - Microbiological quality guarantee - No GMO and no allergens - Controls of microbiology, pesticide residues, heavy metals, … Without defrosting you can use this in: - Warm Meals - Gourmet salads - Sauces - Seasonings