Isigny Butter Roll AOP unsalted

250gr Roll, Chilled

From Normandy, France

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Le Beurre D’Isigny (‘The Butter from Isigny’) is a renowned, high quality butter produced in the Normandy région in Northwest France. It is made from only the freshest cow’s milk, taken between 24 and 48 hours of natural production, where it is then refined through the old-fashioned churning process. Milk from Isigny is mostly A2 beta casein type. Isigny butter is known for its deep yellow tint, described in French as “bouton d’or”, that results from an abundance of carotenoids in the finished product. Furthermore, this butter has an 82% fatty solids content and high levels of oleic acid and mineral salts that combine to account for its distinct hazelnut flavor, long shelf-life and superb spreadabilty.

OJ   3 months ago

Perfect high quality butter

LH   2 years ago

A special treat for butter lovers