Isigny Butter Roll AOP unsalted

Normandy, France
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250gr Roll, Chilled
฿249 per 250g Pack (ex VAT)

Learn more about our Isigny Butter. Known as Le Beurre D’Isigny (‘The Butter from Isigny’) this butter is one of highest quality of butters you can find, produced in Northwest France in the Normandy region. Isigny Butter is made from the freshest grass-fed cow’s milk that is taken within 24-48 hours of the cow producing the milk, it’s then refined using traditional churning process. Isigny Butter is best known for its deep yellow color which in French is called “bouton d’or”. Isigny Butter gets this colour because it contains a lot of carotenoids within the butter. This butter has a long shelf-life and is very easy to spread on other food items given its high level of healthy fats, oleic acids and mineral salts. For each KG of Isigny Butter around 20 liters of grass-fed milk is used.

   4 years ago
A special treat for butter lovers