KURO Osu Cast Iron Grill Press 7"

1 Cast Iron Grill Press 7"
฿839 per Piece (ex VAT)

The Paleo Robbie kitchen does not use any non-stick pans, and is 100% stainless but sometimes we also use these heavy duty cast iron pans when you need that perfect evenly distributed temperature across the pan (cooking grass-fed steaks simultaneously for example!). Cast iron cookware has excellent heat retention properties and is commonly used for all types of cooking. They are also practically indestructible! We find Kuro special for their state-of-art craftsmanship. Scroll to the second photo to see the attention to details of the bottom; a technique that helps heat distribution for more even, faster cooking, which happens to be equally beautiful. From paninis, to burgers, to hot dogs -- press away! There's enough weight to hold down whatever you need, it won't spring back. The wood handle will keep your hand from the hot iron. -Safe from chemicals -Pre-seasoned with 100% flax seed oil (no cheap oils) -20 years warranty Diameter 6.9" Height: 3.2" Thickness: 0.25" Weight 1.5 kg === Care Instruction: 1. wash the pan as you normally would-- with dish soap and sponge (scouring pad, normally the green side, is okay to use too!) 2. thoroughly dry the pan 3. rub with oil all over, both inside and out **do this every time after use to keep the grill press shiny and rust-free!!** Have fun cooking! ==== About the non-stick issue "Ok, so Robbie why don't you use non-stick pans?" Well, it's the same reason as why I advise people not to re-heat their paleo meals in plastic containers, and instead use glass containers, or alternatively a ceramic plate/container. Non-stick material traditionally contains poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) used to create non-stick, stain-resistant, and water-repellent surfaces are also toxic and highly persistent, both in your body and in the environment. When heated, non-stick cookware releases perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), linked to thyroid disease, infertility, and developmental and reproductive problems. This has been known for a long time and manufacturers of non-stick coatings started to phase out PFAS. Now non-stick manufacturers advertise with "PFAS free!". But they simply use a common replacement called GenX which has been found to be just as toxic. Our advice? Stay clear of non-stick pans, and use stainless or cast iron. (for reheating glass is the best)