Landana Organic Mild Gouda

The Netherlands
200gr pack
฿299 per 200g Pack (ex VAT)

Gouda cheese is named after its picturesque town of origin in the Netherlands. Back in the day, the town square of Gouda was where farmers and merchants gathered to trade this Dutch gem! Today, the market still operates weekly during the summer months to let visitors get the nostalgic good o' days. Landana's Gouda cheese is made with organic, free range Dutch cow’s milk, according to Dutch cheesemakers’ tradition. We sourced through 'the cheese market' so you don't have to! It is naturally aged for at least 8 weeks, giving this semi-hard cheese a smooth and nice creamy taste. Gouda is amazing on its own or even better melted! If you love stretchy cheese, gouda is the cheese for you. Perfect in soups and sandwiches, and in pasta dishes like family's favorite mac and cheese. Certified organic by the USDA. (Applies to the supplementary feed the animals receive in the winter months.) No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Ingredients: USDA organic milk, salt, rennet