Lasagna Without The Grains Ready Meal

BPA Free Container 600-800gr, Frozen

Home Made

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Do you have cravings for an Italian classic, but refrain because you want to avoid refined carbs? Well, refrain no more! This is a great spin on the Lasagna using whole food carb alternatives to pasta made from refined grains. The layers are made of both brisket and pork, giving this dish lots of complex flavours as well as packing quite a protein punch. To give this dish that creaminess that you expect from lasagna, we use a coconut bechamel sauce (that doesn't taste coconutty!). Ingredients: Brisket, Pork, Tasmanian Beef Liver, Beef Broth, Eggplant, Mirepoix, Beefsteak Tomato, Coconut milk, Nutmeg, Dutch Bintje Potato

Per Jumbo
Total Fat115 g
Total Protein121 g
Total Carbohydrates111 g
     Total Fiber24 g