Mixed Varietals Tomatoes Box

Khao Yai
250g carton box, fresh
฿109 per 250g Pack

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Farm fresh tomatoes (a mix of yellow, orange and red varietals) from Khao Yai, grown under Dutch supervision in a greenhouse in the Khao Yai area by our friend Maarten (who also grows microgreens including broccoli sprouts). Farmed under strict adherence to EU regulatory standards regarding the use of natural pesticides with no application prior to harvest. We believe these are the best tomatoes available in Thailand! Give them a try and see for yourself. Great with a touch of extra virgin olive oil, in a stir fry, in a salad, on a sandwich, in a fresh sauce, or just eaten on their own. We receive weekly deliveries straight from the farm to our facility and then directly to you for maximum freshness. Comes in a recyclable cardboard box. Varietals in this mixed box: - Cypry Orange - Yellow Round - Cromis Chocolate - Blenny Yellow Plum