Mocha Almond Ice Cream

Pint (16oz Tub)
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We're not sure who first put coffee and chocolate together, but we'd sure like the shake their hand 🤝 Chantaburi cacao meets a mellow coffee flavor - plus a generous sprinkling of almonds - for our Mocha Almond ice cream. Just six whole food ingredients. Mocha lovers, rejoice - this one's for you. Ingredients: Organic coconut milk, organic milk, organic coconut nectar, almond, coffee, Chantaburi cacao, free-range egg yolk. Allergy warning: Contains dairy and egg. Wait a second, how is ice cream paleo? Newsflash - our paleolithic ancestors weren't digging into Ben & Jerry's very often. But - it's 2022, and ice cream exists, and it's delicious. Like really delicious. 🍦 At Paleo Robbie, we're not about holding back from treating yourself to some of life's most delicious desserts sometimes. We'd just prefer not to have to eat a laundry list of weird additives when we do. So we set out to make a whole-foods ice cream, the old-fashioned way, with an ingredients list that doesn't require a food chemistry PhD or a magnifying glass to read. So when it's time to indulge, you can feel good that it's whole-food ingredients that drive our flavors, not a bunch of additives that treat your gut bacteria like a punching bag 🥊 And you know what? It turns out that you don't need all those additives for incredible ice cream. They're in there for shelf life, cutting costs, or texture manipulation - not for taste, and definitely not for your health. As with our other products, we like to let high-quality ingredients drive the flavor. And we think the results speak for themselves. -- Want to geek out with us? 🤓 Here's what's NOT in our whole-food ice creams 👇 - No stabilizers / emulsifiers / "texturizers": These are usually gums, lecithins, carrageean, corn starch, hydrocolloids - or some combination. They're added so that the product melts more slowly, doesn't form ice crystals when partially defrosted, or for added "creaminess." That's nice for a product's presentation value - but not so nice when those same binding agents start interacting with your digestive tract! We use eggs in some of our ice creams as a healthy, natural emulsifier. - No cheap, inflammatory oils: Soybean, canola, or partially hydrogenated oils (mono/diglycerides) are often used in mass-market ice creams as a cheaper replacement for actual fat from dairy (milk). We don't use any oils in our ice creams. - No natural / artificial flavors: These are proprietary blends of chemicals that are designed to trick your tongue into recognizing a particular flavor, often without containing the real source of that flavor itself - like blueberry flavor with no blueberries. We prefer just using the blueberries. - No cane sugars or zero-calorie sweeteners: Look, if you're trying to cut carbs for a little while and still want a sweet treat, we get it! Sugar alcohols or hypersweet ingredients like stevia or thaumatin are not going to kill you, but it's still probably best to avoid long-term consumption of them - and definitely avoid the artificial ones. Our ice creams are sweetened with organic milk (naturally sweet) and organic coconut nectar (sugar), which has a significantly lower GI than cane sugar and also delivers a LOT more micronutrients with the sweetness. - Conventional dairy: When you can, go organic! Conventional dairy cows are usually fed GMO feed that's been sprayed with pesticides - residues can make their way into the milk.

Per 16oz Tub
Total Fat125 g
Total Protein49 g
Total Carbohydrates107 g
Total Fiber21 g