Okumidori Uji Matcha (Grade A)

35gr Pack

From Uji, Kyoto

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- Premium grade Okumidori Uji Matcha - Single-Estate and 100% Okumidori - Pesticide free - Shade grown for 25 days before harvesting for a deep, robust umami flavour balanced with a fresh cut grass finish. - Perfect for usucha and classic matcha drinks - Quality curated by Han Mei of Seven Suns It took us a long time for selecting a Matcha tea for the Primal Grocery that is delicious, has a reasonable price and passed Robbie's stringent criteria for health. Whisk 3-4 grams (approx. 2 teaspoons) with 150-200ml of hot or cold water, and the result is absolutely delicious when drunk warm or poured over ice. Even though this matcha is not organic certified, many tea sommeliers will tell you that the best Matchas of Japan are rarely organic certified. Many farmers want to keep their Matcha authentic and as in our farmers case wants to use the same growing and stone-grinding process as in 1827.... way before the invention of chemical pesticides. To keep bugs from eating the plants our farmer in Uji uses the traditional natural Japanese fertiliser/pesticide combination of fish scales and rapeseed, and no chemical pesticides are used in a 2km radius around his farm. What is Culinary-grade Matcha, and what's the difference with a Grade A Matcha? Culinary grade matcha is not for drinking (but it is much cheaper), it doesn't have many of the health benefits associated with green tea and is used mainly for baking. Superior Grade A is a premium quality matcha plucked from the best leaves of the plant, is very high in anti-oxidants and L-theanine, and gives Matcha its characteristic bright green colour. This particular Grade A Matcha is also not a blend, but a pure single variety of the green tea plant. As the name indicates this Matcha is made 100% of the Okumidori cultivar (pro tip: asking for the cultivar is an easy way to find out about the quality of the Matcha).