Organic Cocoa Husk Tea (10pcs)

1 Box,10 pcs (Tea Bag)

From Tanzania

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Cocoa husks are the outer shell of roasted, fermented cocoa beans. Not only it tastes incredible, it offers numerous health benefits. Our cocoa husks are produced during the bean-to-bar chocolate making process, which we do in-house. Here is how the most amazing flavors and aromas are infused inside this tea! When cacao beans are ripe, they are harvested with hands. The pods are cracked open and the wet beans (including the delicious pulp) goes through fermentation process, during which a complex set of flavors develop. When the beans are well-fermented, they are dried under the sun for 1-2 weeks. They are then roasted to further develop unique flavors and aromas The beans are cracked and winnowed, in order to separate cocoa nibs (to be made into chocolate) and husks. During the roasting, slight amount of cocoa butter is infused into the husk, resulting in husks with rich chocolate aroma. The tea (especially the powdered form) also contains a bit of cocoa nib, which adds wonderful flavors. All of our cocoa beans come from organic farms. Currently our husk origins vary from time to time, making each batch unique, but the blend yields a complex set of flavors and aromas. We work with farmers from countries such as Tanzania, Belize, Haiti, Vietnam, and Guatemala. [Health benefits] Since the husks absorb many nutrients from the beans, the husk tea contains many similar health benefits as cocoa beans, one of which is magnesium. Cacao is one of the highest plant-based sources of magnesium, and rich in antioxidants. Theobromine in cacao is a natural stimulant, which gives a slow-release 'high' as opposed to caffein. For every 250ml of cocoa husk tea, you will get: 400mg of Magnesium (95% RDI for men, 125% for women) 0.53mg of Iron (6% RDI for men, 3% for women) 1.8mg of Zinc (13% RDI for men, 22% for women) 0.21mg of Copper (12% AI for men, 17% for women) 2300mg of Potassium (60% AI for men, 82% for women) [How to brew] For a cup, we recommend two teaspoons to 1 tablespoon of tea, steep for 3-5 minutes. The temperature should be 70-80 degrees Celcius. The longer you steep, the stronger the tastes get. Alternatively it can be brewed cold. Put water in a jar, leave the husks in it overnight. You can enjoy it as it is, or add a teaspoon of sweetener. Although we do not encourage it, adding a teaspoon of sugar does amplify the cocoa flavors. * Each tea bag contains approximately 4 - 4.3g of powdered cocoa husks and nibs. Compared to our cocoa husk tea in the jar, this powdered version in tea bags contains more cacao nibs, which has more chocolaty aroma and flavor, and easily steeped.