Organic Dino Kale

100-125gr bag, fresh


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Dino kale has dark blue-green leaves with an "embossed texture" and its taste is described as "slightly sweeter and more delicate ... than curly kale." This kale variety is called "dinosaur kale" because its bumpy leaves may resemble what dinosaur skin looked like (Robbie's note: probably not true:)). Our organic kales are grown in a greenhouse without the use of synthetic pesticide or herbicide. The kale plants are freshly harvested each morning from a small urban family farm right here in Bangkok. Vegan and omnivores agree that everyone can add more dark leafy greens to their diet. On top of kale being obviously one of the healthiest vegetables for human to eat: "In 2015 a double-blind, placebo-controlled study confirmed kale contains high amounts of lutein & zeaxanthin, which increases neural processing speed & efficiency in people. " - Rhonda Patrick, Phd All our vegetables have been tested for nitrite and pesticides.

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