Organic Fenugreek Seeds

150gr Bag

From Sri Lanka

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Fenugreek seed has been used medicinally and for culinary purposes for millennia. It is most often utilized in Indian, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cuisine, but is used commercially as a flavoring agent in much of the world. Its delicate maple-like flavor makes it perfect for baked goods and confectionaries and also for creating imitation maple syrups. Medicinally, it has been utilized in traditional herbalism to support digestion, support lactation in nursing mothers, and as a soothing topical application. Our fenugreek seeds are grown organically in Sri Lanka (certified organic). HOW TO EAT/DRINK [Make tea] Fenugreek tea has a number of health benefits, one of which is said to increase the milk supply of a lactating mother. For more information, read blog here. Use a teaspoon of whole fenugreek seeds. Steep in boiling water for 15 minutes and drink 2-3 cups a day. [Make sprouts] Large vigorous 5-day sprouts with an unique flavour. Can also be grown as a shoot (often used in Indian cooking). Fenugreek is a traditional herb for colds and flu.