Organic Grass Fed Milk (Frozen)

1200ml JerryCan, Frozen


  • ฿128 per 1.2L JerryCan
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There is only one organic certified milk farm in Thailand and lucky for us Dairy Home has a couple of 100% grass fed farms where we source these 1.2 litre jerrycans of frozen Organic Grass Fed Milk. Frozen in warm climates keeps foods safer and fresher for longer. This milk is whole full fat of course as nature intended it to be. It is normal pasteurized (not ultra-high temperature pasteurized). Always wondered how to eat our home made paleo granola for breakfast? Go primal with 100% grassfed and have your granola with this organic milk. Worried about freshness? Freezing milk keeps it fresh for over 3 months.

Total Fat3 g
Total Protein3 g
Total Carbohydrates5 g
     Total Fiber0 g

GT   a month ago

My son’s favorite!! Drinks tons of it and I don’t blame him. It’s delicious

GT   3 months ago

a relief in these times when i cannot go out for fresh organic milk