Organic OBE Farms Tenderloin

From Australia
200gr, Vacuum Packed, Chilled
฿599 per Steak
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A true Australian pasture-raised tenderloin steak with an amazing yellow color fat. Great texture and taste. Unlike our other steaks, our OBE farms steaks were never frozen and kept at 1-5 Celsius from the farm, during air transport, and to your door. The shelf life is dramatically increased by packing in cryovac vacuum packs. The packaging is made from renewable plant-based resin. *For our upcountry customers please read the note below. The cows at OBE organic farm rummage very large pastures (collectively the farms comprise more land in the Australian heartland than 2x the size of Taiwan!) and graze on more than 250 different kinds of native grasses and herbs which gives the fat its distinctive color and fantastic taste. While rummaging the heartland of Australia the cows are also regenerating the land and naturally reversing desertification and promoting healthy ecosystems. #gamechanging Fat of healthy animals is never a bleached-white like the steaks you see in supermarket displays. Find more info about how the cows are raised at OBE organic farms. *For upcountry transport, please note your grocery order is shipped with dry ice which may put the temperature of your OBE farms steak at below 1 Celsius for a short period. An Australian Butcher's Notes: "The color and structure of the fat is very telling. Although some breeds have fat that is more pale yellow than others and older cows tend to have yellower fat than younger animals, the color of the fat is mostly determined by the type of feed. Since the majority of beef is harvested at less than thirty months of age, the color of the fat is solely determined by the feed. Grain-finished beef have white fat that is very dense and hard. I joke with the inspectors about using a chain-saw instead of a knife to cut it off. I hate grain-fed beef, because of the fat and because most of what is grain-fed is GMO corn-fed. Of course the muscle is marbled with specks of white fat, because where else can all that fat go? It isn’t used for energy, because the animal is using the sugar and starches from the grain. Grass-finished beef, on the other hand, has yellow fat that is soft, pliable and easy to cut. The yellow coloring is from the carotenes in the grasses on which the animal was finished. Stay healthy!"