Organic Pili Nuts, Sprouted and Dehydrated at Low Temperature

60gr Bag

From Philipines

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Pili nuts are one of the most nutrient-rich, Bulletproof nuts you can eat, which have virtually no mycotoxin. They are wildly harvested on a rich volcanic soil in the Philippines. They are probably the most ketogenic-friendly nuts available in the market, where 1 serving of 28g only contains 1g of total carbohydrates. They are so rich in saturated and monosaturated fat, Vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It is also a source of a complete protein, providing all eight essential amino acids, which makes it an ideal fuel for any athlete. The texture is somewhat similar to macadamia nuts with more buttery taste. It is so addictive yet satiating. These nuts are sprouted and activated, with no added flavor. Simply delicious. Are they raw nuts? What does soaking (i.e. sprouting) mean? They are not raw, but eating raw nuts can be potentially harmful to your body because they contain phytic acid, which can prevent your body from absorbing zinc and iron. It is therefore better to soak the nuts in brine water for certain time, then dehydrate at very low temperature. The good oil in the nuts will not be oxidized, and they taste much fresher. Why dehydrating at low temperature? Our nuts are slowly dehydrated at very low temperature, around 35 degrees Celcius, in order to preserve enzymes and all the goodness in nuts. The finished products are crispy and buttery, and all the good fats in them remain intact, without being oxydized. Traditionally pili nuts are fried in oil with honey, but this could spoil the nutrients in nuts. We want our customers to have the best out of them! Is it organic? It is better than organic - our pili nuts are harvested from the wildly grown pili nuts from the Philippines, no pesticides are ever used.