Organic Probiotic Fermented Gherkins

From Thailand
Glass Jar 460gr
฿249 per Jar (ex VAT)

The Organic gherkins are fermented for an entire month to become fully sour and to allow the pickles to absorb the taste of our carefully selected spice mix. This product is not only probiotic, but tastes amazing as well. The robust flavour is delicious on its own, or as the perfect condiment to burgers, sandwiches and cold-cut platters. The organic gherkins come from 'King Organic Farm' in Bangkok, hand-picked in the morning and fermented on the same day. Ingredients: Cucumber, Garlic, Dill, Ginger, Black Peppercorn, Coriander Seed, Mustard Seed, Dried Chili, Bay Leaf, Clove, Sea Salt, Water.