Organic Single Origin Cold Brew

Chiang Rai
1L Glass Bottle
฿299 per 1L Glass Bottle (ex VAT)

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Description A darn good cold cuppa cold-brew coffee from Sarnies that you will definitely enjoy. Refreshing, smooth, with strong notes of chocolate and hints of berries, this will guarantee to energize you in the morning or on a slow afternoon while also beating the Bangkok heat. Comes in a large 1000ml bottle with a cap so can easily be kept in a refrigerator and enjoyed through the day. The Arabica beans used for this coffee are of the highest quality, locally sourced and fair-trade. Origin Brewed exclusively for Paleo Robbie by our friends at Sarnies, this is currently Thailand's only organic, single-estate, 100% USDA certified Arabica beans cold brew coffee and you can only find it at our grocery store :-) Sarnies are a great group of people and we love them to bits. Eric Chan, the head roaster at Sarnies Bangkok has a great love and passion for coffee and it can be felt with each sip of the coffee they brew for us. They hand-selects the Arabica beans which are then roasted fresh, ground and allowed to infuse in a purified then re-mineralized water with the perfect level of alkalinity to create a strong yet smooth and pleasant tasting experience. It's really good! Trust us! Recommendations Please consume within 10 days after opening. Unopened, can be kept up to 30 days in the refrigerator. As the coffee is organic, the flavour matures a little over time so do try keeping a bottle refrigerated 10 days before opening and see if you like the flavour. Tastes great on its own when served chilled, or on ice :-) Try mixing it with some almond milk for a cold caffe latte experience. ===For more information, please read below=== The villagers in Mae Sruay, Chiangrai province, hand-pick ripe red coffee beans at just the right time, which grew in the shade of their natural watershed forest at an altitude of 900-1300 meters. Paleo Robbie request these beans because of their freshness (coffee beans are a fruit!), bold aroma and unique full-flavour, and being truly organic with evidence to back it up. The fresher the beans the higher in anti-oxidants they are. From picking, the beans are washed and processed within 24 hours and sent to our Sarnie and their artisan roasters, who hand-selects the beans and removes any substandard beans to obtain the perfect flavour and character for your coffee. You'll notice the flavour is very smooth and doesn't have a 'burnt' flavour common with dark roasts because we wanted to have a very high quality coffee with maximum anti-oxidant levels.

Per Jumbo
Total Fat0 g
Total Protein0 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Total Fiber0 g