Paleo Robbie's Ketchup

350gr Glass Jar
฿~149฿134 per 350ml Jar (ex VAT)

Would you like to know what Ketchup used to taste like 2 generations ago? Here's your chance! Paleo Robbie's Ketchup is without any sugar added, not even honey. It's definitely not like Heinz but it's real ketchup and tastes absolutely amazing. You'll come to enjoy the zesty and savoury notes of this condiment. Goes great with oven-baked potato wedges, our nuggets and even our Sweet Potato Chips (gasps!) No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or chemicals kinds were used in the making of this ketchup. This is a completely natural product so please keep frozen or refrigerated. Ingredients: Whole tomatoes, Fleur De Sel (Evaporated Natural Sea Salt), White Wine Vinegar.

Per 350ml Jar
Total Fat1 g
Total Protein4 g
Total Carbohydrates20 g
Total Fiber5 g