Pasture-fed Biltong Original 100gr

100gr Vacuum Pack

From New Zealand

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Traditional style Biltong made locally with New Zealand Pasture-fed beef from Silver Fern farms. The 'Original' is just flavoured with coriander and black pepper and nothing else. Biltong is dried, cured meat that originated in South Africa. It is made from raw fillets of meat cut into strips following the grain of the muscle, or flat pieces sliced across the grain. It is similar to beef jerky in that they are both spiced, dried meats. The typical ingredients, taste and production processes differ, the main difference being that biltong is dried and subsequently sliced whereas jerky is sliced prior to drying. Ingredients: Coriander, Black Pepper, Salt, Vinegar, Cumin

Per 100 grams
Total Fat12 g
Total Protein44 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
     Total Fiber0 g