RawBite - Apple Cinnamon

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Nut & fruit snack or “energy” bars can be a great portable source of whole-food energy, if you check your labels and make sure manufacturers aren’t cutting corners at the expense of your health with things like: -“natural flavors” (allows for a huge range of food additives) -chemical sweeteners (e.g. stevia extract, Maltitol, erythritol, Sucralose, etc.) -thickeners / emulsifiers (e.g. soy lecithin, dextrose) -artificial preservatives (e.g. tocopherols, ascorbic acids, glycerol, etc.) Instead, a good snack bar should be comprised entirely of REAL food ingredients, simply packaged into a nice portable format which makes it easy to re-fuel with some clean carbohydrates whenever you’d like (for example, before or after a workout). This is exactly why we sell Raw Bite’s line of bars, produced in Denmark. They use exclusively organic-certified fruits and nuts, plus a few other ingredients depending on the particular bar (for example, organic cacao in the chocolate variety). That’s it! Super simple, super transparent, organic-certified snack bars. We encourage you to compare the ingredients list of the Raw Bites bars to others on the market. You’ll see why we like them! This is their Apple Cinnamon flavor, which tastes pretty much like it sounds: portable apple pie. Enjoy! Note: consume consciously! This one is very high in natural sugars. Best enjoyed before or after a workout or as a clean treat. Ingredients: Dried fruit 67% (dried dates*, dried apples* 20%, raisins*), nuts 32% (almonds*, cashews*), cinnamon* 1%, vanilla* *Organic certified.