Robbie's Brownie Mix

750g Bag
฿479 per 750g Bag (ex VAT)

Satisfy your brownie cravings with Robbie's Brownie Mix - gluten and wheat-free! We've included our go-to recipe on the package, however, we'd encourage you to experiment! This bag includes enough mix to make three trays of brownies (with each tray about 12x18cm). Note: This is just the flour mix. You will need additional ingredients to make your brownies. The recipe we provide is shown below. No gums, emulsifiers, cheap inflammatory oils, or added sugars...like the supermarket alternatives (ahem). Ingredients: Banana flour*, coconut flour*, tapioca starch, almond flour, black chia seeds, cocoa powder. *USDA organic

Per 750g Bag
Total Fat83 g
Total Protein70 g
Total Carbohydrates489 g
     Total Fiber111 g