Roots Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee (blend)

From Thailand
1.5 Liter Pouch
฿1,080 per 1.5 Liter Pouch (ex VAT)

Now you can mix up your favorite coffee drinks at home, straight from your fridge. From our friends over at Roots comes this 1.5 liter concentrated cold brew bag. Just mix up your drink at a ratio of about 1 part cold brew concentrate for every 2 parts of other liquid (water, milk, etc.) and you'll get 24 cups of coffee out of a single bag. The pouches come with a great dispenser that makes it easy to mix up a drink, and they are great in the fridge for up to 40 days. This is their "blend" flavor, available for a limited time only. It's made with beans from farms around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. Ingredients: Cold brewed coffee concentrate.