Siamaya Chocolate 85% Coated Almonds 100gr

Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai
Glass Jar, 100g net weight
฿199 per (ex VAT)

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Who doesn't like chocolate coated nuts? These almonds were coated by the Siamaya team (by hand) in Chiang Mai with our special zero-sugar added 85% chocolate which uses whole NZ milk as the sweetener. 100% whole foods, and no artificial sweeteners. Only available on paleorobbie.com. I asked Siamaya's master chocolate maker: "Why aren't these almonds shiny like the chocolate covered nuts you can buy in the super markets?". His reply surprised me quite a bit. Commercial chocolate coated nuts use a syrup glazing to become shiny. Made totally sense to me and since then I think the powder-coated look is pretty nice. If you like 100% whole foods chocolate, I can also recommend our 85% chocolate chip muffins we sell in the Snacks section. ==== More about the chocolate used: - Single-estate artisanal made chocolate - Just 3 whole-food ingredients, nothing processed - Zero added sugar & no artificial sweeteners - Keto-friendly - less than 7.7gr of net carbs* / bar (less than 8.5% of total calories) - Lab tested for Cadmium and Lead - Hand-selected beans by our artisan chocolate-maker Siamaya - Organic Vanilla bean from Madagascar Zero-sugar bars are all the rage, but low-calorie artificial sweeteners can leave a weird aftertaste. Together with the artisan chocolate makers Kristian and Neil at Siamaya up in Chiangmai we came up with a whole-foods and better tasting alternative: New Zealand grass-fed whole milk The natural sweetness of whole milk complements the bitterness of the cacoa solids perfectly. The result is a smooth, rich & decadent dark chocolate flavour unique to the Chunpon bean variety grown in Samung, Chiang Mai. * 7.7 net carbs = 27 total carbohydrates minus 19.3 total fibers Why Single-estate? There are many small single-estate chocolate growing areas in northern Thailand and each has a unique terroir which means it has a distinct flavour and character. Each area has a limited yield each harvest, and thus large commercial chocolate makers are forced to blend beans of different flavour and quality together. Through a process called "Dutch Processing" these bean-blends under a very high alkalinity lose their characteristic flavour and form a generic flavour and you'll no longer be able to taste the uniqueness or the quality of the bean characteristic to a particular area. An entire country is not a single-estate as some brands may want you to believe. Siamaya's farms are in Chiang Dao and Samung, Chiang Mai. Artisan chocolate makers do not Dutch Process their beans. Siamaya hand-selects the beans and removes any substandard beans to obtain the perfect flavour and character for their chocolate. Expect each chocolate bar from Siamaya to have a unique, bold and natural chocolate flavour.