Siamaya Single Origin Dark Chocolate - Mountain Coffee & Pomelo Peel

Bar 75gr

Single Origin Chiang Mai

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One of the latest special flavours: Mountain Coffee & Pomelo peel. I normally don't like these special flavours but this was exceptional. Ate the whole bar by accident and forgot to share, oops. Siamaya Chocolate transforms locally grown, organic Thai cacao beans into delicious, distinctive chocolates with unexpected flavors inspired by the range of flavors found in Thailand’s cuisine. A surprisingly yummy combination of 70% dark chocolate and chiangmai coffee and tiny pomelo peel pieces that melt in your mouth. Only the highest quality cacao beans bought from Chiang Mai farmers at fair prices are used. Each bar is handcrafted and only a 100 are made each week. ==== Why Single-estate? There are many small single-estate chocolate growing areas in northern Thailand and each has a unique terroir which means it has a distinct flavour and character. Each area has a limited yield each harvest, and thus large commercial chocolate makers are forced to blend beans of different flavour and quality together. Through a process called "Dutch Processing" these bean-blends under a very high alkalinity lose their characteristic flavour and form a generic flavour and you'll no longer be able to taste the uniqueness or the quality of the bean characteristic to a particular area. An entire country is not a single-estate as some brands may want you to believe. Siamaya's farms are in Chiang Dao and Samung, Chiang Mai. Artisan chocolate makers do not Dutch Process their beans. Siamaya hand-selects the beans and removes any substandard beans to obtain the perfect flavour and character for their chocolate. Expect each chocolate bar from Siamaya to have a unique, bold and natural chocolate flavour.