Sweet potato chips, paprika & oregano flavor (large)

90gr Bag
฿139 per 180g Bag (ex VAT)

Our famous sweet potato chips, sold for the first time by themselves so you can mix and match them with any of our dips. This is the large size (180g), big enough to share with some friends at a party, your partner for an extended Netflix binge, or just keep some on hand throughout the week. We decided it was time for a little variety, so we took our signature sweet potato chips and added some premium paprika and oregano. These simple additions gave us a whole new experience with the chips, and we liked it enough to promote it to our permanent menu. We hope you like them as much as we do. Our sweet potato chips have been our bestselling snack for 7+ years. What makes them great? - We make them in small batches 2-3x per week, so you never get chips that are more than a day or two old - contrast with the multi-year shelf-life of mass market potato chips. - We cook them with exclusively organic coconut oil, not industrial/refined seed oils. - Sweet potato is a cleaner-burning carbohydrate than regular potatoes - make healthy snacking an asset, rather than a liability! - Most importantly, they taste great. Real-food ingredients: Sweet potato, organic coconut oil, paprika, oregano, and natural sea salt. That's it.