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Thick Cape Grim Striploin

From Cape Grim, Tasmania
Steak 370-450gr, Frozen
฿1,496 /KG
~฿599 per Steak

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Description This is the 4cm thick version of our top of the range striploin which is a premium beef cut delivering the distinct, creamy marbling and spectacular, bold flavour of Tasmania. A striploin steak is also called a New York strip, perfect with those who appreciate a premium cut with a firmer and juicy texture. Origin This striploin is a cut from cattle that was raised on lush grasslands to be one step up in tenderness and marbling from our other beef ribeye offerings. Cape Grim's collective of beef farmers throughout Tasmania, King and Flinders Islands, have a commitment to sustainable farming and ethical practices. They nurture the finest quality cattle, without harming the pristine environment. Creating consistent boldly flavoured and marbled quality beef. Recommendations Highly recommended to either pan-sear, broil in an oven or on the grill. Can be enjoyed in many ways but we recommend not to over-season the steak as it is very flavourful and we want you to enjoy its natural flavours. As it's thicker than normally, you'd need to adjust the cooking time accordingly, reverse searing is a great technique to use with this steak. Please defrost overnight in the refrigerator, then allow to come up to room temperature before cooking for best taste and texture experience. ===For more information, please read below=== Click here for more information

Per 100 grams
Total Fat7 g
Total Protein21 g
Total Carbohydrates1 g
Total Fiber0 g