Three Goats Kombucha : Honey Lemon Hops

Bottle 240ml, Chilled

From Thailand

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You probably know by now that kombucha (fermented tea) has several good things going for it: “good” probiotic bacteria can promote gut health light caffeine content (on par with regular green or black teas) for a smooth afternoon boost refreshing carbonation for a drinking experience similar to soda but without the super-high sugar content When evaluating kombucha, it’s important to measure the sugar content. Lots of popular brands on the market mix their kombucha (typically made with black or green tea) with high-sugar fruit juice for a sweeter drink more comparable to a fruit juice box than a lightly fermented cup of tea. Three Goats lightly sweeten and infuse with various natural ingredients but keep the sugar content low - below 9.6 grams of natural sugar per bottle. And having got their start in the beverage industry making craft beers, the team knows how to deliver a refreshing carbonated beverage in a bottle.  The honey lemon flavor combines black and green teas with longan honey, lemon peel, and citrus and cascade hops. By the way, for those that associate the word “hops” with beer and might therefore assume that they’ll be drinking liquid grains - fret not. Hops are actually flowers, widely used in brewing for their antibacterial effect as well as for flavoring. Three Goats’ familiarity with using hops in the beer brewing process led to experimenting with kombucha using hops - and many iterations later, they created this delicious honey lemon flavor that has the “body” of a beer but the flavor of a delicious kombucha. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 8.4 grams of sugar. (Compare to 39 grams in a typical Coca Cola can.)