Wild Caught Cooked King Crab

From the Falkland Islands
Whole Crab 1200gr - 1400gr, Frozen
฿1,899 / KG
~฿2,279 per Whole Piece (ex VAT)
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These whole King Crab were wild-caught in the south atlantic ocean of the Falkland Islands. The Chilean King Crab fishery is fully managed by SERNAPESCA, the governing body for all fishing activity. Capture and landings are tightly controlled under stringent environmental standards in support of environmental sustainability and species protection policies enforced by Chile’s Sernapesca organization under the Fisheries and Aquaculture Act. The meat tastes amazingly fresh! Steamed and grilled this crab is guaranteed to be the star of your next dinner event. 100% crab, no additives, no glazing, no nasties.