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Wild Keta Salmon Ikura

From Alaska
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Frozen, 80gr
฿199 per 80gr Tub (ex VAT)

Description Almost everyone knows wild salmon eggs (also called ikura) are very high in omega-3's (more on phospholipids below) and are truly super foods. Paleo Robbie believes wild salmon ikura are healthier than any fish oil supplement in the market... because it's unprocessed, in its whole-foods form and simply has no additives! Up until 2020 all ikura available in Thailand was glazed in soy, sugar or some preservatives I can't pronounce... until we found two fishermen in Alaska who understood the importance of eating unadulterated whole foods and we imported directly Wild Keta Salmon Ikura (bigger and orange in colour) and also Wild Sockeye Salmon Ikura (smaller but has a deeper red colour). The eggs are flash frozen and imported to Thailand at -40 Celsius which keeps them in perfect shape. Absolutely delicious, they are great in salads (they add a bit of saltiness) but I use them as my netflix snack of choice; just dig in with a teaspoon once defrosted but of course you can snack on them frozen as well. An 80 grams tub is a perfect one time serving size. Eat 3-5 tubs a week and say GOODBYE to fish oil supplements forever! Instructions: defrost overnight in the fridge, eat within 1 day of defrosting. When in a rush, you can also defrost by putting the entire tub under running water for 5-10 minutes. Origin Wild-caught and directly imported from Alaska. ===For more information, please read below=== Dr. Rhonda Patrick has a great podcast and popularized both broccoli sprouts (also available on the primal grocery) and wild salmon ikura which are high in the anti-oxidant astaxanthin (แอสตาแซนธิน) but also has omega-3's that are mostly in phospholipid form which can effortlessly enter the brain. It's the omega-3 that the brain loves the most. Because of this Dr. Patrick recommends pregnant women to eat 1 serving size of wild salmon ikura daily. She also has very popular recipe videos on youtube (her Ultimate Micronutrient Smoothie is delicious) including some suggestion on how to add more ikura to your daily diet:

Per 80gr Tub
Total Fat5 g
Total Protein17 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
     Total Fiber0 g
   9 months ago
Soooo good, super fresh!