Wild Natural Hokkaido King Scallops

From Hokkaido, Japan
5.0  (2  reviews)
Pack of 5-6 pieces, Vac Packed, Frozen approx 200 grams
฿~499฿399 per 200g Pack

High quality wild and untreated scallops perfect for bbq and grilling. Our Natural scallops have tan creamy colours and both colour and size differ between each piece as they are of course truly wild. Our King Scallops are roughly 30 grams each. They are not treated with phosphates. In the seafood business, there are two ways scallops are handled (and sold) on the market: dry and soaked. "Soaked" (also known as "wet" or "treated") scallops have been soaked in a bath of phosphates (or more precisely- sodium tripolyphosphate), for the purpose of adding water-weight. When scallops are exposed to a phosphate bath, they absorb it and swell - gaining water-weight, and thereby lowering the net cost to the scallop processor. (Keep in mind, that when you buy "soaked" scallops - you are paying and eating this added water and phosphate.) The absorbed water evaporates when the scallops are cooked- leaving them smaller, tougher and less-flavorful than their dry counterparts. It is generally easy to discern treated scallops as they will usually appear very white in color. "Dry" is the seafood industry term for natural scallops, which have not been treated with phosphates. Natural scallops have a slightly tan, or "vanilla"-color. Dry scallops are superior for the following reasons: For searing purposes, dry scallops caramelize beautifully! Dry scallops taste sweet & natural, where "wet" scallops can sometimes have a washed-out, or even slightly "soapy" or bitter flavor. "Soaked" scallops are (unfortunately) very common or even the standard; if a menu uses Dry Natural scallops it will most likely explicitly say so due to the premium.

   2 years ago
Very Big Scallop and very fresh and sweet
   2 years ago
Sweet, meaty, delicious!!! Enjoyed​ them​ very​ much!!!