Wild New Zealand Monk Fish

From New Zealand
Fillet 650 - 850gr, Vacuum Packed, Frozen
฿790 / KG
~฿599 per Fillet

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Wild monk fish (also known as stargazer) are widespread in New Zealand coastal waters and abundant in the South Island at depths of 50 to 500 metres. They are mottled green with speckles, have a large bony head and no scales. Wild monk fish is also known as the “poor man’s lobster” as it offers a lot of the same textures of lobster but at a much cheaper price. All fish at Paleo Robbie is 100 wild-caught this includes our wild New Zealand Monk fish, none of our fishes are farmed. Each fillet at our grocery is between 650g-850g. Wild monkfish flesh is firm, succulent and pearly white, with a low oil content. It is suited to baking; barbeques; poaching; steaming; use in a soup/chowder; or frying. It is rich in vitamin D and selenium, so don't pass it up.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat2 g
Total Protein14 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Total Fiber0 g