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About Us

Hey great to see you’d like to know a little more about us.

We are Robbie and Erik, two brothers from the Netherlands that got stranded in Bangkok. After a quick journey to finding a healthier lifestyle we found Bangkok to be quite challenging. A city that in 2012 had little to no options for healthy food.

That's Erik on the left, Robbie on the right and our CX manager Bjorn in the middle at our community 4th July BBQ.

There were plenty of delivery options, but most were burgers and pizzas or sugary deep fried Thai food.

You can be sure there was no wild salmon or grass-fed meat available and people were mostly cooking in vegetable oils whilst piling on the sugar wherever they could.

We consider home cooked food in traditional olive oils and butters, with lots of vegetables and a good portion of antibiotic-free meat and fish to be healthy. No sugar, no flours, no cornolabran oils or whatever they call these highly processed stinky oils nowadays. Our food really couldn’t be more simple.

So with us don’t expect fancy molecular style dining or super sweet dinners. We are old school. We only cook with foods that our great great grandmother would recognize as food.

We first opened our doors (well, not doors since we are a delivery company, but you get what we mean) in 2013.

We’re proud to say that 6 years later we still deliver our meals every week to the very first group of people that started with us back then.

Our main goal is not to tell everyone about us. Our main goal is to keep every customer eating with us for a really long time. So if you try us out or if you’re already eating with us and something wasn’t quite right; please let us know. We’ll do everything we can to sort that out for you.

Now the rest will just be one of those inspirational stories about why it’s called PaleoRobbie and how it involves a weight loss journey.

You can easily skip this if you have to check Facebook or your Grab taxi has arrived. But in case you’re stuck in traffic or got another 2 minutes to here goes:

Why We Started Paleo Robbie

In his 20’s Robbie was working a 60 hour a week job in Gibraltar. Gibralwat?

Yeah it’s a tiny little rock south of Spain.

You should visit one day if you can.

It’s really quite beautiful and a truly unique place with a rich history.

Anyhoo... In his mid 20’s he weighed a whopping 137kg and got sick every other week.

Migraines, throat aches, were weekly or biweekly occurrences. Working involved mostly sitting in front of the computer and having beers and burgers in the pub afterwards. Meanwhile Erik who is much, MUCH, older ran triathlons, could do handstand push ups and said he hadn’t gotten sick once that year.

Since we most likely share the same genes, we think at least, it struck Robbie as slightly odd his much, did we mention his much older yet, brother could this healthy and active while working the same amount of hours in an office in Bangkok. When Robbie asked how the answer from Erik was diet. Erik was following the primal/paleo diet and told him bread was bad and sugar was evil.

Naturally Robbie scoffed at that.

People have been eating bread for centuries, heck, millennia! Cavemen died in their 20’s! How can that be possibly be healthy? After Erik’s advice Robbie, as siblings do, simply ignored all of it and went on a conventional diet by replacing milk with soy milk, red meat with chicken or vegan burgers(lol) white bread for whole grain bread, orange juice in the morning and lots of fruits all day long.

The result was staggering. Cholesterol went up, fatigue became worse, migraines came along more than once a week and the weight went up. A lot.

So stubbornly to avoid admitting his brother was right Robbie researched the paleo diet quietly and after 3 months decided to give it a go, because at this point why not. Bread was out, sugar was out, rice was out, french fries were out ;( As a result 90% of what Robbie used to eat was no longer on the menu.

The new diet for the first six months was simple; stuff your face with greens and other vegetables first, then eat meat or fish and have 1 piece of fruit for dessert.

Very scientifically this lead to a weightloss of 40kg in 6 months and 0 throat aches and very rare migraines. Who knew all you had to do was eat actual food and move around a little? Yes it truly is that simple for most people.

Oh there is one caveat though.

You see what we’ve learned since then is that it’s not that easy to know whether some food is real or not.

OIives are healthy and considered a real food, but most olives are washed in caustic soda. Woops. Olive oil is great to cook in or to put on salads, but most Italian ones turn out to be fake oil. Oops.

Wild Salmon is incredibly healthy, but that Norwegian salmon you’ve been eating at a fraction of the cost is farmed with antibiotics, pesticides and fed a diet that’s insanely high in dioxins and resulting in a fish you should avoid at all costs instead of being nourishing and good for you.

We could go on for days like this.

The food industry is one of the most corrupt and fraudulent industries of our time.

Lower cost and better flavor drive the production while the health aspect is of no importance to anyone.

It’s fairly obvious why. Lower cost means more sales. Better flavors means more sales.

Better health means very little except often increased cost.

Consumers won’t notice the deleterious effects of farmed salmon directly.

This is a process of many years or even decades and even then you won’t be able to pinpoint the cause, since salmon wasn’t the only thing you’ve been eating. So one of the main things we do at PaleoRobbie is research if your food really is food.

Everything we serve at our grocery and mealplan is something that we would gladly eat ourselves. If we don’t eat it, we won’t serve it. 

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