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Nationwide Grocery Delivery

The Primal Grocery is an online Grocery where you can find over 510+ hard to find health items delivered ANYWHERE in Thailand, this includes shipping to all islands in Thailand such as Phuket and Koh Samui.

Unlike traditional supermarkets, we do not stock any processed or refined foods, nor do we stock factory farmed meat or fish.

Our meat is either free-range or pasture-fed, all fish is wild-caught and always free of antibiotics and other chemicals. We lab test all our meat and fish and publicly post the results on our site (keep reading to see our tests)

We are a family run business and even have our own our local-co-op farm in Thailand.

We help raise 385 pasture-fed chickens who spend most their days wondering the farm eating worms, termites and natural foliage, food chickens are  meant to eat. We do not feed our chickens corn or soy.

We pride ourselves on sourcing dozens of exclusive items you cannot find anywhere else in Thailand such as wild-caught Sockeye salmon from Alaska, Pasture-fed Canterbury Ribeye from New Zealand, Pasture-fed Veal Broth, a weekly organic veggie box, organic coffee and more.

To make trying the Primal Grocery even easier, you can use the voucher PALEO250 to get 250฿ off your first order when spending 2,000฿ or more:

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         Voucher code: 5819 

(250฿ off your first order, min spend 3,000฿ with free delivery on all orders over 7,000฿)

Whether you live in Phuket, Chiang Mai or all the way down south in Hat Yai, you can finally get to have all the grocery items that were previously unavailable. (We delivery to ALL Thai islands).

If your local supermarket has limited choice and you can never find what you really want, then it's time you start shopping the smarter way in Thailand.

Primal Grocery offers:

* 420+ hard to find products including imported items from USA, New Zealand, Australia and Norway

Delivery ANYWHERE in Thailand (Free delivery for orders over 7,000฿)

Bespoke items you cannot get anywhere else such as our 7 Flavours marinated pasture-fed chicken breasts

Wide range of meats, fish, sauces, oils and pantry items to ensure no more boring meals

We stock everything from pasture-fed beef and wild-caught sockeye salmon, to organic vegetables and everything else related to a healthy urban lifestyle. 

Simply select your items in our 
Primal Grocery, fill up your basket to 3,000฿ or more and head to the checkout at the bottom of the page. After entering your address, select the day you would like us to deliver and simply make payment. It's really that easy!

If you have never used the Paleo Robbie Grocery before, enter the voucher code 5819 to receive 250฿ off your first order.

See Our Grocery List

Voucher code: 5819 

(250฿ off your first order, min spend 3,000฿)

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order?

If you live outside of Bangkok, the minimum grocery order is 3,000 Baht.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

For grocery orders shipped to outside Bangkok there is a shipping charge. Frozen & chilled products need to be packed well in Thailand to prevent spoilage.

For orders less than 7,000 Baht the delivery charge is 390 Baht. If your order exceeds 7,000 Baht there is no shipping fee.

Can I return goods?

No. As we use a third-party distribution service, we cannot accept returns at this moment in time.

However, if you have any issues with any items ordered, please take a picture the day your order arrives and send us an email of the problem. If there is something wrong with your order we will then provide you with store credit for the total amount of that item for your next order.

Is there anything I can’t order?

You can order everything from our Grocery page except for mineral water and eggs. Our water is packed in glass and may break during transport and eggs are to fragile to transport across Thailand.

You can not order from our Meal Plan either. However, if you do want to try out our Meal Plan meals, we do have a small selection of frozen meals you’ll find on the grocery page in the ‘Frozen Meals’ section.

What is the maximum I can order?

There is no price or weight limit to your order. However, each box cannot weigh more than 16kg. If your order is above 16kg and over 10,000 Baht, we will waive the shipping fees on all further boxes.

Can I pay on delivery?

All payments must be made before we send out your order. As we use a third-party distribution company, we cannot take payment during delivery for orders placed outside of Bangkok.

Am I eligible for your offers and promotions?

Yes, you can take part in all of our monthly grocery, first-time customer and refer-a-friend rewards and promotions.

Click the image below to start shopping online:

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If you have any further questions, you can contact us via email and we will reply within 12 hours.