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Why would you want to work with us?

One reason. You think there is more to life than collecting a steadily increasing pay check every month, and perhaps you’d like to be part of a team that is trying to achieve something you find awesome, something you are passionate about.


If you feel passionate about:

– Making real food popular again, and to make healthy food available and affordable to as many people as possible.

– Making food that is healthy and delicious rather than cook processed food with added sugar.

– Improve the lives of others, i.e. prevent metabolic syndrome diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer.

– Changing the way people think about food and bring food education / cooking back into the education system.

– Changing the way doctors recommend and sell statins/drugs to adults and children, rather than advise to stop eating M&M’s and stop drinking Coca Cola.


If the above appeals to you then send us an email to: [email protected] with your resume, and let’s have a chat about what you can do to help.

We are growing fast and we are always looking for new talent. Please contact us today!