Lab certified meat and fish

You'll hear supermarkets all over the world tell you that their produce is free-range or organic, but is it really?

At Paleo Robbie, we strive to offer our customers the best possible products we can find. When we say our beef is 100% pasture-fed or that our chicken breast is 100% free of hormones and antibiotics, we mean it.

We periodically send our wild fish, meats, and organic produce off for lab testing to ensure they are what we promise. We'll also email the results to our customers. 

Below you can see our 2019 lab results for our sockeye salmon, grass-fed beef, and organic kale. You'll see that our pasture-rasied meats contain no growth hormone residues or toxins and that our wild-caught fish has less than 0.1% mercury.




Whether you shop at our online Grocery or use our Meals service, you can trust all of our produce are free of toxins and harmful chemicals and we back that up by testing our product.